Strategy & Planning

Strategy and planning is the most important part of designing a new website. Good Strategy and planning will ensure you get a website that matches your business objectives first time and will also provide a road map for further development, milestones and measuring its success.

Strategy & Planning

Our workshops include sitemap, wire frames and prototype of your website so you can demo it before any coding has begun.

We are really good at this and its this bit that keeps our customers happy as they get exactly what they need and our developers happy because they don’t have to keep re-coding to get it right.


We wireframe everything!

Wireframing is a great way of putting ideas onto papaer, and then defining the structure, content and functionality of a website . . . and then changing it around until you are completely happy. The focus in our wireframe workshop is always search engines (attracting customers) brand (looking good) and conversions (turning visitors into customers).

Our wireframing sessions include as many representatices of your business as you feel necessary and are a great way of drawing all the ideas onto one.

Once wireframing is complete we build a clickable prototype – see below.

Clickable Prototype

Following on from wireframes we produce a clickable prototype of your website based on the wireframes. At this stage there is no colour or brand or logos; we are just defining structure, content and functionality. The prototype will be clearly marked with notes about functionality (such as logins or shipping options).

The prototype allows you to test drive the proposed website in a familiar and online format rather than the traditional method of reading through reams ans reams of paperwork.

The prototype then acts as part of the design brief for our developers, the development brief for our developers and as something for both us and you, the client, to test against when the website has been built.

Our Process

Over the last decade we’ve learnt a thing or two about making projects run smoothly and successfully. The result of that is now the framework of our proven development process. The bottom line is: it works, and more importantly our customers like it.

The process covers all our services and takes in critical stages including:

  • Strategy & planning to determine what’s best for your business
  • Scenarios where we envisage and map out the customer journey
  • Wireframes and sitemap workshop to get the functionality and content defined
  • Design and visuals
  • Development
  • Testing
  • User acceptance testing – over to you

When a website goes live, rather than being the end, we see it as the beginning of a new process – and our relationship. That’s because we’re in it with you for the long term and can help you with further development as well as SEO and PPC to drive traffic to your website.