Web Development

We are a Bristol Web Development Agency

There are so many things to consider when planning you online application. you’ve got to think about user experience, ease of use, future scalability, multi platform delivery and reporting. An application is more complex that a standard website and if people don’t understand it quickly they will bounce off elsewhere.

We can cover all of it for you, whether its looking at poor user take up or designing and building your complete web application.

Web Development

We employ a permanent team of bristol web developers who mainly develop in PHP with MySQL and PostgreSQL.

Whether you need help with an integration or a completely new website or system developed our web developers can help.

Web Applications

Do you have an existing system that is slow and clunky and expensive to maintain and update? Do you have a business that needs an application but cannot find what you are looking for?

We can look at your processes and requirements and recommend or even develop a web application for you.


Have you changed your oil recently ?

It’s a story we hear a lot. You got your new website a year or two ago, it was really fast and it was always online. Things went well, your sales went up, or your user base increased. But as time has gone by, its slowed down and it may even crash occasionally. Whats happened? And more importantly, what can you do about it?

If this sounds familiar, read on, we can help.

This is in a way the best of problems to have: your website is doing well and has outgrown itself, or its hosting, and now needs a bit of tender loving care to get it back to its former, snappy and responsive self.

Here at wired, we are well practiced at looking at websites like these, and identifying the root cause of the problems. We can help and advise on issues such as server upgrades and configuration, database clustering, load balancing, optimisation of your website’s codebase, database tuning or implementing a caching strategy.

We can then either provide you/your developers some guidance as to how to improve the situation, or we can undertake the work ourselves.

If you are interested in our scalability services, call us and we can discuss and help you to understand your websites problems and how to solve them.


Do you find that your existing databases are slow and clunky and expensive to develop and enhance? Has you business grown and are you looking for a new database to help you? We can help.

Contact our bristol web development team today on 0117 930 4365