Website Management & Maintenance

Need help maintaining your website? Need to spend time focused on running your business or lacking the technical ability?

We are in the business of building, maintaining and improving websites, you have your own business to run which is why we offer a monthly website management / maintenance service.

We also beleive that once the website has been launched that is the start. So rather than waiting a couple of years and starting again as most businesses do; we develop the site on a regular basis to keep you ahead of the competition.

These can include:

  • full strategy creation and website management
  • adding content
  • writing articles
  • importing/uploading products, images etc
  • adding new features such as currency, language, blogs, etc
  • promoting the website/web shop
  • ensuring database integrity
  • sending newsletters
  • ensuring ‘design consistency’ between mailshots and website (banner graphics etc)
  • Running PPC, PPR and/or SEO campaigns
  • etc.